How the LOA Helped my Parenting

Law of Attraction ParentingThis time last year I embarked upon a life coaching course with the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy to learn more about coaching and the Law of Attraction. I had no idea what sort of coaching I wanted to do, or who I wanted to help (which seems totally crazy to me now!).

I remember my mum saying to me ‘you’d be a great life coach’ and me thinking ‘really?’

Now I coach wonderful parents with children who are more challenging than the ‘average’ child and my work couldn’t be more fulfilling. However, what I realised when I reflected on the completion of my ISCA qualification was that learning about the various Universal Laws, including the Law of Attraction, has helped me immensely in my parenting over the past 12 months.

So I thought it was time to share some insights with my fabulous Tribe!

Some necessary background info about me first

Before starting my coaching qualification, I had been suffering from Post-Natal Depression (also known as Post-Partum Depression), major anxiety, very high stress levels and bouts of uncontrollable anger.

Having the added challenge of a spirited child, no family nearby and almost no support had driven me to distress and I was finding it really hard to keep things together.

I remember my husband saying that I was the glue that held our family together, making me realise things needed to change and FAST.

So I went on anti-anxiety medication and decided to start looking after MYSELF, something I hadn’t done since my children had been born. I needed to or I was never going to be the mum I wanted to be to my beautiful girls. That’s when I was compelled to learn about life coaching, not to help others, but to help ME first!

So…what is the Law of Attraction?

According to Wikipedia, the Law of Attraction is the name given to the belief that ‘like attracts like’ and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results.

Or in other words, ‘What you focus on is what you CREATE’.

So by me focusing on my depression, anxiety, difficulties with my child etc. etc., I was just attracting MORE of that ‘stuff’ into my life.

Not very helpful right?

So I discovered that I needed to change my THOUGHTS so that I could change my LIFE.

Easier said than done I thought!

Focusing on what made me HAPPY was key. At first it was hard to look for the positive in my life, but very quickly I realised I have a lot to be happy about! I live in a beautiful country and fabulous city; I have an amazing family home, a gorgeous husband and have been blessed with two girls whom I love more than life itself.

So once I started LOOKING for these positives in my life, I could see SO MANY.

My Gratitude Journal

Writing every evening in my gratitude journal helped me get really clear on all the amazing-ness around me.

I would jot down just 3 things I was grateful for that day and then sleep on it. After doing this for a couple of weeks, I saw my thoughts really beginning to change. I started seeing love and happiness everywhere.

Each day I thought to myself on numerous occasions ‘oh I’m going to put THAT in my journal tonight’. I just started seeing everything in a new light; I had become GRATEFUL for my life and everything in it.

Focus on what you DO want NOT what you DON’T want

Nowadays when I start to get a negative feeling rising within me, I try very quickly to focus on the positive instead.

So if I start getting into my old habit of thinking distressing thoughts about how I will cope when my children are teenagers, I change my thoughts and visualise how I WANT them to be as teenagers (considerate, happy, confident) and just by doing this my body chemistry changes. I become happier and almost excited about the teen years (I know!).

So take the time in your own life to think of all the things you have to be grateful for (I promise you, there will be many!).

Focus on what you DO want to see in your children and try your hardest not to dwell too much on what you don’t want.

After forming this habit, it will begin to appear as if someone has handed you a new window from which to view the world. A window that is far superior in its construction, with much clearer glass, giving you more CLARITY and WAY better views.

Most importantly this window will give you an amazing vista of your family and your children’s future with you as their parent.

What thoughts can you change TODAY?

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