One-on-One Coaching with Laurie

“Coaching may not be magic, but the results are certainly magical!” Laura Berman Fortang

I have personally researched and trialed a large number of the world’s most popular parenting models and tools. Through a lot of trial and error, I can now bring parents what I have found to be the most effective strategies for raising spirited children. Believe me when I say this, “I understand spirited kids”!

As a Family Transformation Coach, I work with parents in a collaborative partnership to:

  • Tease out current parenting and family challenges (family dynamics and how behaviors are affecting the whole family)
  • Envisage where parents really want to be on their parenting journey (identifying obstacles currently in the way e.g. parental anger, disappointment, behaviour of children)
  • Create a more peaceful and productive family environment
  • Devise parenting and family goals and dreams
  • Work on a plan to remove obstacles and achieve a harmonious and loving family unit!

Some of the most common parenting challenges that we can overcome together:

  • Getting your children to listen to you
  • Understanding why your spirited child does what they do
  • Overcoming the stress and overwhelm of raising your spirited child
  • Letting go of what others think, especially friends and family who keep telling you how to parent, when they don’t understand!
  • Family problems associated with your child’s behavior in relation to siblings and your marriage or other relationship
  • Finding alternatives to traditional punishment
  • Reducing the fighting and yelling at your children and working on alternatives
  • Helping siblings get along
  • Getting over a tough period, when overall things have gotten better
  • Making parenting easier and more enjoyable!

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