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Parenting approach designed specifically for SPIRITED kids

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EFT Sessions For Parents

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an easy-to-use tool that reduces stress and painful emotions associated with negative thoughts and past experiences. EFT helps parents remove guilt and pain from their past, so they are free to become the parents they want to be.

Parenting Spirited Kids Effectively

Raising spirited kids requires skill, empathy, tenderness and immense patience. We all know that children are not born with a manual, yet parenting is the most important and challenging job on this planet! Our Raising Spirited Kids Effectively course can be that manual!

1-on-1 Coaching With Laurie

Specialist support to arm parents with tools most effective with spirited kids. Coaching parents to recognise triggers and parent calmly. Laurie uses life-changing techniques to help parents keep on track in their parenting journey. Parent coaching can transform your family!

Welcome Parents of Spirited Kids!

SPIRITED KIDS are trickier to raise
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Spirited kids are not like the average child. I guess you know that right, or you wouldn’t have landed on my website?! They are beautiful children who are temperamentally more challenging to parentRaising a spirited kid is no easy task and they seem to bring out the best and worst in us as parents. It can be a rewarding parenting journey and an exhausting and overwhelming one. 

I believe that parents of spirited kids have learnt more about themselves than they ever imagined before having children. This is a huge gift that the spirited child has given us, as it makes us look deep within ourselves and gives us an opportunity to better ourselves, not only as parents, but as human beings.

It is this gift that allowed me to create Raising Spirited Kids so that I can connect with parents who need the help that I so desperately needed in the past. It fills me with absolute joy that I can help families transform their relationships with their spirited kids and create a more harmonious family unit.

As a parent of a spirited child, I’m sure you’re well aware that parenting spirited kids is not like parenting other children. The usual discipline techniques that work for the average child fall short with spirited kids and often make the challenging behavior much worse. But by using empathy, tenderness and LOVE alongside discipline and communication strategies that work WITH your spirited child, that is where the magic really happens.

I do this by guiding parents (especially mothers) through a similar journey to the one I have taken. A journey where mothers can improve their relationships with their spirited kids, become more in control of their emotions and create a positive outlook for the future. However, this journey with me is by no means a quick fix. It means you have to put some work into it and you need to be committed to change. Even just a little bit of progress everyday will make huge changes. And when you start to see the results, you will never look back!

Laurie ♥

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“I learnt so much and Laurie was extremely approachable and engaging. I loved her delivery of the course.”

“Laurie is very natural, fun and smart….Her passion is infectious!!”

“I love Laurie’s skills in being able to relate to us. She is an excellent trainer with great resources.”